The simple and affordable
alternative to Front

Loop Email is the best shared inbox I have found at a reasonable price. There are not many alternatives currently available and the handful of competing products that are available are considerably more expensive.

Andrew Rusell, Director at Pentagon Corporation Ltd, April 2021

Six reasons why teams choose
Loop over Front app
Reason #1

Loop is simple to set up, and designed for non-technical teams

Reason #2

Loop is an affordable shared inbox tool, for teams of 5 or 50

Reason #3

You’ll get 1-2-1 support no matter the size of your team

Reason #4

You can customize your view to show your most important channels

Reason #5

With Loop you don’t need a separate team communication app

Reason #6

You’ll get full email history and the ability to work offline

Reason #1

Simple to set up, simple to use

Loop is a simpler alternative to Front App. Front’s interface can feel complex and involves considerable training. Loop has been designed with the simplicity of an email inbox so that even the most non-technical teams can get started in minutes.

Loop is an affordable alternative to Front

Reason #2

Affordable for teams of any size

If you’re looking for an affordable FrontApp alternative, Loop’s a great choice. Our pricing plans start at just $10 per user per month, ensuring Loop can work for all teams, not just for those with large budgets.

Reason #3

In-app support for all your questions

With Loop you get 1-2-1 support right inside the app. Ask questions as you’re getting started or book a personalised Zoom setup call, no matter the size of your team. 

Organize Loop with most used contacts

Reason #4

Customized view of what’s important

Achieve the feeling of control in your email inbox by filtering out the noise. With Loop you can customize the sidebar with your most used shared inboxes, contacts or teams and have easy access to what’s most important.

Reason #5

A simpler way to collaborate

Looking for a FrontApp alternative that fully replaces multiple team communication tools? With Loop it’s easy to chat 1-2-1 and in teams, whether you need context on a specific email, or want to start a standalone discussion. No need for multiple apps.

Reason #6

Works offline with full email history

Having the full context is crucial when dealing with customer messages. Front allows you to import only up to 100K email messages, so if you need more history, it could be a problem. With Loop, you’ll be covered, online and offline.

Loop has all the features you need,
without the clutter

Shared inbox icon

Shared inboxes
managed by a team

Manage emails as a team with a streamlined tool focused on delivering the best shared inbox experience.

Assign and Resolve tasks in your shared inbox

Assign & Resolve
for clear ownership

Each message has a clear owner so that the entire team knows who’s in charge of responding.

unified inbox

Unified view
of all messages

Get focused and organized with a combined view of messages, no matter which inbox they come into.

Automated rules and workflows

Automated workflows, SLAs & in-depth reporting

Set up rules that automatically organize incoming messages & get the insights to keep improving.

Templated responses for your shared inbox


Create templates that your team can use whenever they’re responding to a message.

Loop's shared inbox works with all email providers

Works with all
email providers

Gmail, Outlook, Office 365 or IMAP. Loop works seamlessly no matter what email provider you’re using.

A simple yet powerful
Front alternative

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