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3 best ways to use canned responses in Loop Email

Composing, sending and replying to emails has become part of our daily work life. We understand how frustrating it can be composing the same email over and over again!

At Loop Email productivity always starts with a capital P. We’re focused on helping you and your team achieve your goals and providing you with a tool that reduces clutter and gets you moving! Today we’re happy to announce a brand new feature that does this and more: CANNED RESPONSES.

With canned responses on Loop Email, you can create reusable text lines which you can include into new emails with a few simple clicks. Here are 3 daily workflows where Loop Email’s new feature can come in handy.

1. Sales

When every second email contains an offer inquiry *sigh* you can create an email template and reuse it as often as you like:

Thank you for contacting us! Currently, we offer two types of packages which include a free trial period. For prices, please visit our webpage stage-product.cannedresponse.io/pricing

Canned response view within Loop Email.

2. Support

Support related emails are perfect for canned responses as they tend to pose the same answer over and over again. Don’t get annoyed by these, respond with one click!

Thank you for showing interest in our product and reporting the issue. Our team is currently working on a fix. We aim to have this patched by the end of the week.

3. Internal communication

Repetivite meeting invites? Don’t waste valuable time thinking about what to write in an email invite. Just send a simple canned response!

Hi team! Our weekly company meeting will take place on Friday at 3pm in the common area. For those who can’t make it in person, please join the ZOOM link.

Currently, canned responses are only available on the Loop Email desktop app. With this new feature, we hope to make you and your team even more productive and save you valuable time for the more important things!

Make the most of canned responses and let us know what you think via support@intheloop.io. Feedback is the mother of all improvements and we appreciate every single one.

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