Automate assigning emails with Round Robin rules

Distribute incoming emails fairly across your entire team, getting responses to your customers as fast as possible. Let Loop’s Round Robin automation rules manage the email queue in your shared inbox.

Round Robin Email Assignment

What is Round Robin
and why do you need it?

Does your team have 5 members, yet somehow all the incoming enquiries always get handled by one person? Do your customers often wait a long time for a reply because emails lack ownership? Then you need Round Robin.

Round Robin email assignment combines two core principles:

1. Assigning emails automatically
2. Assigning emails fairly across a defined range of team members

Unfair email distribution
Round robin assignments

In Loop you can assign emails automatically, improving the productivity of your entire team

Rather than waiting for a manager to manually assign, with Loop’s automation engine you can set up rules to auto-assign every incoming email, so that no message ever gets lost or forgotten.

With Round Robin rules in Loop, you fairly distribute all incoming emails across a team

Set up your team and everyone’s availability, then sit back and watch the system assign messages to everyone in the team. It’s that simple.

Round Robin email distribution

Great tool for managing shared inbox

I love Loop. It helps me to manage my team. To collaborate & communicate. I love the ability to turn emails into actionable tasks. With Loop, I’m always on top of things knowing which email is taken care of and what issues we have with different tickets. As a team we are resolving things faster and more efficiently.

Franci Bacar, CEO of Goodish Agency

The best shared inbox tool I have found for a reasonable price

Loop Email provides an easy way to manage shared inboxes amongst our team. The software helps ensure that we never miss a customer query, and that we can respond to each customer email in a timely manner.

Andrew R., Director

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