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Building Better Relationships Within A Company With Gustavo Razzetti

Does your team have all that jazz to lead it to success or is it missing that one crucial element? Tune in to our new podcast with Gustavo Razzetti and find out!


“Teams are always evolving, the vision changes, the teams are more like a jazz band, re-inventing their workflow, and not like a symphony! They are adapting, improvising, their dynamic is crucial.”

Gustavo Razzetti is a sought-after speaker, author, and change facilitator who has transformed lives, brands, teams, and organizations through consulting, training and team coaching.

He is the founder and CEO of Liberationist a change consultancy that future proofs your workplace culture.

The 11th podcast offers some interesting insights on how you can form a fearless team!

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Bostjan Bregar, the podcast host, is the co-founder & CEO of Loop Email and a strong believer in leadership built around teamwork & individual development.

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