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Email is still going strong
Blog » Email is not dead – harness its power in 2019

Email is not dead – harness its power in 2019

AI, smart devices, numerous apps cropping up and so many ways available to communicate today – had email kicked the bucket? Well we have a bold claim, and we’re ready to back it up – email is not dead! It’s in fact growing and it’s stronger than ever!

Communication apps on the market
Much apps, such new.

All we hear about lately is the growth of different messaging and collaboration apps. There are numerous reasons behind this – from the actual need to work together easier to the novelty that fuels the news. However, one fact remains. Email is still going strong, it’s still something we all use daily, and it’s boasting some pretty saucy numbers.

Email users compared to Messenger and Slack users
Move over, newbies.

So why is email still around? There are a number of reasons for its domination, the main three listed below.

Email is your identity.

Loop Email login
In many instances, email alternatives can’t exist without email.

Think of it as your home address – even though your daily communication no longer requires sending handwritten letters; your home address is still very much connected to your identity.

Ironically, many tools that are praised for “killing email” are relying on the existence of email.

Email is your online ID. You use it to log in, receive e-bills, communicate in official circumstances – sending an email to apply for a job, ask about your taxes, use online banking, and more. In online registration forms, your email can and often is your username or use your email to confirm your registration.

Heck, even in most social media cases, you need your email to log in and use their services. So despite alternative ways to create accounts for a plethora of online services we use daily, email remains a steady staple.

Email holds your important information.

Person typing an email
Email is not dead, because it’s our primary archive.

If you ever planned a long trip, you know how much you rely on email for keeping all your info in one place – bookings, plane tickets, phone numbers of car rentals, etc.

Email is even more crucial in the workplace. Contacts of your clients, to-do lists, contracts, sales agreements, whole threads about projects, follow-ups, customer service records – most of your communication, especially with people outside of our organization, is stored in your inbox.

Your data is available to you when you need it and with the help of search your inbox functions as a very important online archive.

Chat messaging apps are great for fast questions and check-ups, but they lack history and permanence. You can easily access email archives going back a year or ten years. This kind of archiving isn’t built into many other tools.

Of course, there are separate apps for storing your files, photos, important documents and such, but in a time pinch (and aren’t we all constantly in one) the trusty email is still the first choice – because it doesn’t require moving things from their place of origin.

Email is always there and always has been.

Email is still going strong
Everything that truly matters STILL happens on email.

Email is the most basic way to get a message across online and, so far, no one has come up with a comparable alternative.

Its universal nature is one of the biggest advantages. Not everyone is on Facebook or using other apps, yet everyone has an email address. Email does not discriminate or lock you into a separate platform. It doesn’t matter if someone has a Gmail or Yahoo account – your email gets delivered. Especially in business, the way to contact someone you don’t know well is almost always done through email.

Apart from that, It’s available on our computers, and it works on our phones – it’s easy to use no matter where.

“Email is actually a tremendous, decentralized, open platform on which new, innovative things can and have been built. In that way, email represents a different model from the closed ecosystems we see proliferating across our devices.”

The Atlantic

Nevertheless, email is far from perfect.

Broken Email envelope
Hey, nobody is perfect, right?

It’s hardly shocking, right? In those decades of using email, the expected happened – we learned to hate email with a passion. This hatred is often unfair to the loyal email as it’s often a result of connecting it with stressful workplace situations. But sometimes it’s justified – because email does have some downsides.

Some of those are so annoying that they’re slowing down business and driving everyone crazy.

Slow communication is one. Email offers no immediate feedback. Is the person you need online or not? Have they read your email? There’s no way of knowing unless you’re one of “those people” who call after they send an email (don’t be one of those people). Email is also quite useless when it comes to group tasks. In no time you’re buried under a ton of forwards, CCs and reply-alls, making your teamwork difficult.

That’s why we understand why people switch to other apps to speed up communication. Chat messaging is becoming the norm not only in private life but also in business. That’s why Slack and similar tools are growing in popularity.

Loop Email chat bubbles
Chat messaging has been a new communication norm for years now.

However, that just creates a new set of problems. The work is still happening on email, but now you have to move all the info to separate apps. We believe that’s hardly solving the problem. Adding more apps only adds to the clutter. And let’s not start discussing the issue of people using tens of different apps to communicate, and that not every app caters to your specific work needs.

Knowing all this, we created Loop Email. It’s a platform and tool that combines the best of both worlds – email and chat messaging, both in one place and more useful than ever. 

“Email remains the infrastructure foundation for collaboration that all new communications tools eventually tie back to. Email is not dead or dying; in fact, it’s still very much alive.”


Loop Email does not require registration. You simply log in with your existing email account, and you’re good to go. So what is the real novelty of this approach? In Loop Email you can chat ABOUT your emails, never having to leave your inbox – a place where, as we established, all the important stuff happens. Email is not dead – it has just been significantly improved with the help of Loop Email.

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