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Shared Inbox: an easy way to handle a busy customer or support account

In April 2019 Loop Email will enable Shared Inbox. Public or shared email accounts such as; info@, office@ or support@ can then be easily managed by more than one person at the same time.

Loop Email is evolving

(R)evolution is our solution. How will a shared inbox help you evolve as a business? Let’s look at a typical problem faced by many teams today.

Frank, Alice and Brian are all in responsible for the support@acme.com account which tends to get a lot of emails from various different customers and clients. As emails start to fly in, the inbox becomes more and more difficult to manage. You lose track of who replied to who, you get more than one person working on the same reply or you just never get back to an inquiry because you think someone else will deal with it.  

To add more stress, some teams also tend to deal with a second shared account such as; info@acme.com. Two shared accounts and one person account are certainly not easy to manage at the same time.

To manage this stress and overload we at Loop Email went that extra mile for your team. In the last couple of months we have been working on our new feature, enabling you and your team to manage the busiest of accounts with a little help of the new friend* (yes we did shamelessly rewrite the lyrics of The Beatles) – Shared Inbox. Our goals throughout this process have been simple; reduce the number of lost opportunities, never let an email go unassigned and increase customer interaction!

Shared Inbox usage.

Is this suitable for my business?

If your business has a public domain account (like: info@, sales@, support@ or office@) or you carry out a lot of customer support through email then a Shared Inbox would be ideal for you.

With Shared Inbox on Loop Email your team will be able to chat around every email, assign particular emails with individuals and most importantly have everything organised in one place to avoid any missed opportunities.   

What can my team gain with Shared Inbox?

  1. Better control and overview of the incoming requests whilst also gaining a better flow of the internal communication. Your team are always on top of things and have insights into the exchange process with the customer.
  2. Faster responses by fostering transparency. You and your team can serve client inquiries faster and never miss an collaboration opportunity again.
  3. Saving time. By using Shared Inbox you no longer need to switch between email accounts and can automate daily tasks. Your team can focus on resolving pending requests.
Shared Inbox usage.

Avoid the email mess and take control of your workflow! At Loop Email we believe our Shared Inbox feature will solve your info@ AND support@ account problems along with any other shared accounts like sales@, marketing@, hello@, office@ etc.

Loop Team

Loop Team

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